Dmitri’s Fitler Square

Last night, due to the absolutely beautiful evening weather, Slip and I tried our hand at getting a table to dine al fresco. Naturally many of the restaurants in our neighborhood were full to the brim, with happy-go-lucky people enjoying the unbelievable Wednesday night air. Unfortunately the wait for an outdoor table at Dmitri’s was uber-long, but we opted for an indoor table and some really tasty food.

I like Dmitri’s because it’s really reasonably priced food and there are a lot of options for sharing. Plus, the portions are pretty big so you really get your money’s worth. We shared 2 appetizers and a main course— we were stuffed, but everything was delicious!

To start I ordered the Avocado Citrus Salad. It is incredibly simple, with fresh greens, avocados, grapefruit and orange segments, slivered almonds, and a super light citrus vinaigrette. Refreshing, really aesthetically pleasing, and a great starter.

Up next was the fried calamari, which we honestly scarfed down too quickly for me to snap a photo. It was great, with only a really light batter and a savory tomato basil dipping sauce.

Finally, we shared the Mediterranean Plate, which included beets, cucumber salad, lentils, hummus, really smoky baba ghanoush, olives, asparagus, and big hunks of roasted garlic.  This came with some grilled pita bread, which we also had delivered to our table with some fresh pesto at the beginning of the meal.

The plate was fantastic, filled with so many goodies. I especially loved the lentils and the baba, which was just so fresh and smoky. And the bread— one of my favorite things of the night. Somehow the chefs at Dmitri’s took plain old pita bread, must have brushed it with some olive oil and thrown it on the grill, and it was magical.

One of the best parts of the night? We sat near the open kitchen, which smelled like a really good grill cooking up fresh whole fish. It was intoxicating. And after we filled our bellies we got to take in the balmy evening air, walk by the adjacent Fitler Square Park, and head home. A perfect date night!

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