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The Friendly Toast

Ok— one more Boston post. We ate lots of super delicious food while we were in Beantown, but above quaint Italian in the North End, a picnic from Haymarket in Boston Common, and even the acclaimed Myers+Chang in South End, I think my favorite meal was brunch our first morning there, at The Friendly Toast in Kendall Square.

Brunch is probably my favorite of all possible meals, maybe even including dessert. First of all, it is breakfast and lunch. It is savory, it is sweet, it is hearty, and it is damn delicious. And The Friendly Toast, with a wide variety of sweet pancakes and waffles, as well as lots of egg dishes, burritos, sandwiches and salads, offered up so many brunch items I had the hardest time deciding what to order.

I got the Costa Rican— black beans, sliced plum tomatoes, under melted provolone with 2 sunny side up eggs, sour cream, scallions, homefries, and homemade toast. I got the toast of the day, which was carrot ginger raisin, and so amazing (pre-spread with the perfect amount of butter). I secretly wanted to buy a whole loaf of it to bring home, but since it was my first meal after arriving in Boston I decided to wait it out. (Oh, and check out those perfectly cooked eggs.)

Slip got the “Crazy Quesadilla”—brie, mashed chipotle sweet potatoes, red chile pecans, granny smith apple slices, and swiss. And yes, that is a side of sweet potato fries (no apologies there, I love them!) That was one tasty crazy quesadilla.

So, the verdict? The Friendly Toast was so delicious with so many things that I wanted to try that I tried to convince Slip to return for another round of brunch during our long weekend. And we almost did, too. I’m sure it will be on my roster the next time I’m in Boston!

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