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Have you been to Yogorino yet? For those luckily residing in or visiting the Philadelphia area— go now! It is a sweet little yogurt shop at 20th and Locust, conveniently close to my apartment and Rittenhouse. Those friends who I’ve dragged there, saying “maybe I’ll try it” or “I don’t love yogurt” have begged to go back for more. Yogorino, unlike places like Pinkberry or Phileo, is so perfect that it only needs one flavor— plain. The yogurt is almost sinfully creamy and leaves a taste in your mouth so good you have to savor every bite— but don’t worry healthy eaters, it’s made with skim milk! Fruit toppings are incredibly fresh and pretty, unlike the old looking diced strawberries I’ve seen in other shops. The Toblerone chocolate sauce is divine. The other toppings are decadent, gourmet, and just special. The yogurt is so good that it even inspired some to dress as “Yogorino Girls” on Halloween. Check them out on Yelp: Or just head over!

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